This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Events Overview

SmarterTrack can detect events as they occur, generate messages for those events, and deliver the messages to administrators and agents that need the information. For example, agents can receive notifications when they receive a new ticket or supervisors can be notified when a customer completes a survey. Using Events in SmarterTrack, administrators and agents don't have to query for the status of the items in the system—they just receive messages when specific events occur so they can take care of them.

There are two categories of events in SmarterTrack: agent-level events and system-level events:

  • Employee-level events are created by agents and they are specific to each agent's role and permission level within SmarterTrack. For more information on agent-level events, please see My Events.
  • System-level events can only be set by administrators and cover both agent- and system-level items such as SMTP errors, idle times and more. For more information on system-level events, please see Events.

The Events folder, which can be found in the Settings folder of the Help for Users and Administrators section, can be used for more information on creating new events and what event categories and types are available. For each event category (the feature the event is related to: Call Logs, Knowledge Base, Tickets, etc.) there is a corresponding document detailing the types, conditions and actions available.