This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

News Trend Reports

To access news reports, click the reports icon. Then expand the Trend Reports and News Reports folders. The following news reports are available. Note: For information on the options available for each report listed, see the Reports Overiew.

  • News Contribution Trend - Shows the number of news items created, edited, reviewed, flagged, or deleted over time.
  • News Popularity Trend - Shows the most viewed news items by hits and visitors over time.

Depending on the report selected, the following report items are available:

  • News Added - The number of news items added to the system.
  • News Deleted - The number of news items deleted from the system.
  • News Edited - The number of news items edited in the system.
  • News Flagged - The number of news items flagged for review in the system.
  • News Reviewed - The number of distinct news items reviewed by agents.
  • Hits - The number of times a particular news items was viewed.
  • Visitors - The number of unique portal visitors that viewed a particular news item.