This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Knowledge Base Trend Reports

To access Knowledge Base reports, click the reports icon. Then expand the Trend Reports and Knowledge Base Reports folders. The following Knowledge Base reports are available. Note: For information on the options available for each report listed, see the Reports Overiew.

  • KB Contribution Trends - Shows the number of Knowledge Base articles created, edited, reviewed, flagged, or deleted over time.
  • KB Popularity Trend - Shows the most viewed Knowledge Base articles by hits and visitors over time.
  • KB Searches Trend - Shows the Knowledge Base searches made by portal visitors over time. This report is useful because it helps managers gauge whether their Knowledge Base is becoming more or less effective over time.

Depending on the report selected, the following report items are available:

  • Articles Added - The number of Knowledge Base articles added to the system.
  • Articles Edited - The number of Knowledge Base articles edited in the system.
  • Articles Flagged - The number of Knowledge Base articles flagged for review in the system.
  • Articles Reviewed - The number of distinct Knowledge Base articles reviewed by agents.
  • Articles Deleted - The number of Knowledge Base articles deleted from the system.
  • Visitors - The number of unique portal visitors that viewed a particular Knowledge Base article.
  • Visitors Searching - The number of portal visitors that searched for a particular keyword or term.
  • Searches - The total number of searches performed.
  • Average Result Count - The average number of results returned per search.
  • Average Articles Viewed - The average number of search results that were viewed per search.
  • Searches Resulting in Views - Of the Searches performed, the total number that actually returned a result that was viewed by the person performing the search.
  • Percent Finding - The percentage of searches that produced viewable results. This is essentially the number of Searches Resulting in Views divided by Searches.