This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Chat Rooms

While temporary agent conversations are hosted via instant messenger, some companies may want to conduct virtual meetings with employees. In this case, the administrator may create permanent chat rooms to host agent conversations. Chat rooms allow multiple different agents to join in group-level, department-level or even company-level conversations versus the one-on-one type of conversation handled via instant messenger.

To view a list of permanent chat rooms, click the Live Chat icon. Then expand Chat Rooms in the navigation pane and select the type of chat room that you want to view (options include active and inactive chat rooms). Note: Administrators can add chat rooms within the Live Chat section by clicking on the Chat Rooms folder in the navigation pane and clicking New in the content pane toolbar.

Chat rooms function identically to instant messages. For more information, see Instant Messenger Overview.

Active and Inactive Chat Rooms

To view an active or inactive chat room, expand Chat Rooms button in the navigation pane, then click Active to view active chat rooms or click Inactive in to inactive chat rooms. Depending on which item is selected, a listing of all active or inactive chat rooms for which the agent has access will load in the content pane.

The following options are available from the content toolbar:

  • Join - Allows the agent to join the chat room.
  • Transcript - Pops up a new window with a line by line chat transcript.

By Chat Room

Agents can join a specific chat room by expanding By Chat Room in the left tree view and selecting the appropriate chat room.