This documentation is for a product that is no longer supported by SmarterTools.

Using SmarterTrack with SmarterNotify

SmarterNotify is an easy-to-use, Windows-based desktop alert program that makes monitoring software applications and networks convenient by eliminating the need for always-open Web browsers and server connections. Because both SmarterTrack and SmarterNotify were built by SmarterTools developers, the two programs are highly compatible. SmarterTrack's event system allows users to act on events that occur throughout the system when they occur, such as the creation of a new ticket or the modification of a knowledge base article. Many users will find that using SmarterTrack in conjunction with SmarterNotify will free up their workspace because there will no longer be a need to keep the SmarterTrack Web application open to receive event notifications from SmarterTrack.

Examples of how SmarterNotify can be used in conjuction with SmarterTrack:

  • An escalation department that only receives a few tickets each day may use SmarterNotify to alert agents or administrators when a customer has responded to a ticket or a ticket is transferred between agents.
  • A supervisor may configure the programs to notify him when there are too many tickets in the queue or when a ticket is waiting too long for a reply.

To use SmarterNotify in conjunction with SmarterTrack, you'll need to create an event in SmarterTrack as usual. Then you will need to create a corresponding connection profile in SmarterNotify. For more information on using SmarterTrack with SmarterNotify, refer to the SmarterNotify Online Help. To download SmarterNotify, visit the SmarterTrack Downloads page of the SmarterTools website.